Vendor Neutral Gateway

Vendor Neutral Gateway


Connect All Devices

All devices from different vendors can be connected to your network.


Save As Digital Format

Instead of printing out papers and stapling them to the journal, save digital formats that can be easily stored, accessed and manipulated.

Better Diagnostics

Provide the data to all specialists that need them. Only view the data that is pertinent. Utilize other software to manipulate or analyze the information.


Most vendors offer proprietary cloud gateway and storage solutions
that might be costly and inconvenient to install.


With Vendor Neutral Gateway, all the data from many devices
can be collected in one storage repository.

Benefits with Vendor Neutral Gateways

  • Allows hospitals to collect data from a multitude of devices to a single repository.
  • No need for manual inputs.
  • Reduce need for physical printouts and storage costs.
  • Gives the IT department the ability to customize data reports (Fantastic Reports) and views for clinicians. Clinicians can quickly identify the relevant information and compare data from different sources.
  • Easier and quicker to provide the data when and where it is needed.


Configuration Procedures

  1. Tell us what devices you have.
  2. We send you the Gateways.
  3. You connect the Gateways to the devices and allows them to operate on your network.
  4. Then use the Atencio Portal to configure where you want the data to be stored.
  5. Optional to configure Atencio Fantastic Reports or other patient data reports to populate from the data


Examples of Products We Can Connect

  • BENNETT 840 Respirator
  • VIASYS-VELA┬áRespirator
  • MAQUENT-Servo-i┬áRespirator
  • Newport E500┬áRespirator
  • Mindray BP Monitor
  • Taidoc BP Monitor


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