So much that Atencio deals with has to do with intellectual property rights and data privacy for patients and healthcare organizations. As a company it is also important to protect your corporate identity with a proper trademarking strategy. Atencio is working with a great Taiwanese consulting company called MUSA Trademark. From MUSA we have learned that many companies, especially startups tend to forget about trademarks. We visited a pitch event for one leading startup accelerator some time back and while listening to the pitches, MUSA’s Jessie Chou quickly searched for their trademark registrations. Not a single one of these up and coming companies had bothered to register their trademarks in any other country than their own home. This will very likely turn into a headache for some of them as they are expanding and getting more famous. In some countries, squatters are always looking for new companies whose brands they can register and later sell back to the companies for a hefty penny. Coming up with a company name is always hard since not only should it sound good, it should also be possible to register in the product classes you are operating and in each country you want to sell in. MUSA has this great introduction for how to select a name that can be protected.
How to select a Trademark for your business?
If you are based in Taiwan or will be selling in Taiwan you need a Taiwan Trademark and should also check out their guide for how to do it here.
Beginner’s guide to registering your Trademark in Taiwan
Of course, if you are anything like us, then you prefer to hire professionals to help and if so, we would recommend you to contact MUSA.