Please come and visit Atencio at HIMSS Intelligent Health Pavilion 2018! Atencio is proud to say that our iPAX DICOM Camera Solution will be featured!

Come to see how easy it is for healthcare professionals to document an injury or the progress of healing with pictures and have them instantly saved on a PACS server properly associated with the correct patient file. The images can then be available for consulting professionals in other departments while maintaining data security and confidentiality.

We are happy to show Atencio at HIMSS Intelligent Health Pavilion. It is a revolutionary new way to do tradeshows. Actors are acting out how medical professionals use our DICOM Camera Solution to document patient information and save the images in a safe and secure way.


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The iPAX DICOM Solution for Android and iOS helps improve clinical efficiency. It is easy to use and decreases errors when handling images.

The usual workflow would involve taking a picture, removing a memory card from the camera, inputting the card into a computer, uploading the pictures to a server, wait for the upload and then re-name each file to link the file to a patient. Many time-consuming steps.

The DICOM Camera App is much faster. Scan the patient bar code and take the pictures or video. The App will automatically upload the pictures to the PACS server, name them and link them with the correct patient file.

Once uploaded, you can easily and securely share images with other medical staffs in the hospital.

Atencio’s partner Remedi Tech is also showing off their “Medix Care Platform” at HIMSS:

“Medix provides Clinical and Patient centric services, delivering Hospital Information, Entertainment and Communication, whilst Clinical engagement is managed through the innovative Patient Journey application. Connectivity begins at pre-admission, through hospitalized care to post discharge. The services are delivered cross platform to mobile phones, tablets, bedside Terminals or in room TV’s. The solution can be managed from the Cloud, devices are always on, always powered and provide the latest technology innovation.”