On November 23 Atencio staff participated in a great event  called 2017 Global Startup Talents @Taipei. Startups from Taiwan, Poland, Lithuania, Canada, US, Singapore and many other countries pitched their companies. Industries ranged from IoT and BioTech to ICT.

Some companies were in the medical space:

QT Medical (http://www.qtmedical.com/) offers a professional level ECG machine for home use. By monitoring the heart on a professional level, people can get the help they need from their home or office.

OVUCON (http://www.ovucon.com/) says that 30% of women who have problems to get pregnant could get pregnant without other help if they only knew exactly when they are ovulating. Their device will help women know that exactly.

GROM (http://www.getgrom.com/) wants to make it easier for people to obtain their custom insoles.

The event was organized organized by Taipei City Department of Economic Development, ITRI, WI Harper, Futureward and PurpleCow Startup Association and held at Futureward’s excellent location in downtown Taipei. Big kudos to everyone for bringing international startups to Taiwan and show off what Taiwan can do.

2017 Global Startup Talents @Taipei