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Located in Taiwan

We are based in Taipei, Taiwan. Taiwan produces most of the world’s technology products like smartphones, computers, IoT devices and solar panels, and we also have one of the world’s most highest ranked healthcare system.

International Team

Our Team includes professionals from Taiwan, UK and Sweden giving us a unique perspective to tackle efficiency problems around the world.

Healthcare Experts

Our team has decades of experience providing cutting edge solutions to healthcare organizations around the world.
We used to spend so much time organizing and uploading images. With the iPAX DICOM app we are just snapping away and all images are at our fingertips whenever we need them. We save time and patient care goes up.
Doctor X

Using handwritten papers and printed journals served us well for many years but these days we need better ways to manage patient data. The Fantastic Reports has helped us digitize all our patient forms in an easy way.
Doctor Y

I can’t believe we used to just print out ultrasound pictures and staple them to the journal. These days the information is saved on our servers and we can access it when needed, zoom in and manipulate as needed.
Doctor Z

Latest News

Our Partner MUSA Rocks Taiwan Trademarks

Our Partner MUSA Rocks Taiwan Trademarks

So much that Atencio deals with has to do with intellectual property rights and data privacy for patients and healthcare organizations. As a company it is also important to protect your corporate identity with a proper trademarking strategy. Atencio is working with a...

iPAX DICOM Camera Solutions in Las Vegas

iPAX DICOM Camera Solutions in Las Vegas

HIMSS 2018 is over. Hundreds of healthcare technology professionals from all over the world has walked through the Intelligent Health Pavilion and seen our iPAX DICOM Camera Solutions in action.

HIMSS 2018 Set-up

HIMSS 2018 Set-up

The team at HIMSS in Las Vegas are working hard to set up everything. If you are at HIMSS, please make sure to seek out our partner Remedi in the Intelligent Health Pavilion to see our iPAX DICOM Camera Solution in full action.

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